Western Pacific Workshop 2017


4-6 September, 2017
Donghai Hall, Blue Horizon Hotel
9-2 Miao-Ling Road, Qingdao
Hosted by First Institute of Oceanography, SOA



Morning session 09:00-12:00, afternoon session 13:30-17:00


Registration 08:00-09:00 at the meeting room

1 Opening Remarks (Mr. Zhi Chen, DDG, SOA; Dr. F. Qiao, SG, FIO)

2 Introductions, logistics (BK, NS, GY, WY, PDF 4 MB)

3 TPOS 2020 1st Report and implementation (NS, PDF 4 MB)

    3.1 Including outcome of Resources Forum
    3.2 Reference TPOS 2020 1st Report, TPOS 2020 Resource Forum (TRF-2)

4 Current activities in the western Pacific

    Various speakers including invited guests, CAS and SOA experts
    4.1 Observational Progresses in WTP by IOCAS in 2016 (F. Wang, PPT 10 MB)
    4.2 Status of China Argo and its Prospect in the Tropical Pacific (Z Liu, PPT 11 MB)
    4.3 Status and Future Deployment of Mooring Buoy and COPEX Profiling Float in the West Pacific (Y. Shao, PPT 17 MB)

5 Potential additions to the TPOS 2020 Backbone

    5.1 Western Pacific sustained networks (WP TT Chairs)

      WP-TT Update (PPT 13MB) and TRITON Status (PPT 632 KB)
      5.1.1 SOA’s preliminary plan for WP (WY/DC, PPT 13 MB)
      5.1.2 Other to be determined at WP TT hook-up (X Song, PPT 25 MB)
      5.1.3 A new paper ‘Estimation of the Tropical Pacific Ocean State 2010–13’ (J Sprintall, PPT 460 KB; PDF 3 MB)
      5.1.4 The model development activities at FIO (F Qiao, PPT 13 MB)
    5.2 BGC/Ecosystems (BGC TT Co-Chair)

      5.2.1 BGC related measurements in the tropical Pacific (Y Sayaka, PPT 7 MB)
      5.2.2 Biogeochemistry: Further general thoughts (P Strutton, PPT 5 MB)



6 Western Pacific Pilots and Process Studies

    6.1 WP TT projects (Northern Edge, Eastern Edge, etc)

      6.1.1 WP TT ideas (outcome of WP TT hook-up – K Ando/J Sprintall, PPT 13 MB)
      6.1.2 Various Chinese experts
      6.1.3 JAMSTEC proposals – Proposal Process Study Northern Edge of Warm Pool (M Katsumata, PPT 21 MB); Observation Plan for Ocean and Atmosphere in the Eastern Edge of the Western Pacific Warm Pool – R/V Mirai MR19-XX Cruise (A Nagano, PPT 14 MB)
    6.2 The Low Latitude Western (Pacific) Boundary Current (LLWBC) Pilot

      6.2.1 Overview (K Ando/J Sprintall, PPT 26 MB) – reference 6.1.1 of 1st Report
      6.2.2 Solomon Sea work – (B Kessler)
      6.2.3 Solomon Sea workshop (J Sprintall)
      6.2.4 Observations of the Pacific western boundary currents and the Indonesian Throughflow at the Pacific entrance of the Indonesian seas (D Yyan, PPT 75 MB)
      6.2.5 The progress of the South China Sea Through-flow monitor in the SCS (J Chen, PPT 6 MB)
      6.2.6 Solomon Sea gliders: An example LLWBC strategy for TPOS 2020 (B Kessler, PDF 20 MB)
    6.3 New technology options (Flux Gliders – K Ando and others, PPT 45 MB)

      6.3.1 SOA’s wave glider experiments – The Global Array of Wave Gliders — An Array for Real-time Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (X Sun, PPT 21 MB)

7 The Western Pacific Sampling Strategy and Implementation

    7.1 Complementary TMA and Argo (B Kessler, PDF 3 MB; Argo Discussion, PPT 234 KB)
    7.2 Phasing of implementation (Discussion of Argo implementation – NS; all)

      7.2.1 Transition into operation of moored array



8 Technical issues around the TMA sites

    8.1 Requirements on the moored buoys
    8.2 Technical specifications
    8.3 Deployment strategy / schedule
    8.4 Data management (PMEL, JAMSTEC input)

    • Data quality
    • Data exchange

9 LLWBC strategic implementation plan (WP TT Co-Chairs)

    9.1 Take 6.1.1 into an implementable form
    9.2 What are we trying to sample and measure? Studies to refine those requirements. Potential options and solutions

10 Next steps

    Concluding presentation – NS/BK, PDF 0.1 MB; TMA map – WY, PPT 1 MB)
    10.1 CLIVAR and TPOS 2020: Opportunity for Cooperation (Jose Santos; presented 5th Sept. before Section 6.3, PPT 8 MB)

11 Close (noon)



The 1st Report of the TPOS 2020 Project (see https://live-tpos2020.pantheonsite.io/first-report/) contained several recommendations and actions that were specifically focused on the western Pacific region.
The recent 2nd meeting of the TPOS 2020 Resource Forum in May 2017 endorsed the recommendations and agreed the relevant actions of the Report, and added a specific action around the western Pacific tropical moored buoy array (TMA):
Agreed to support a workshop to discuss TMA implementation in the western Pacific, with the topics to include

  • technical issues around the sites and likely deployment schedule for moorings in the western Pacific;
  • the technical specifications of the moorings, recognizing the need for consistency across the TMA, and
  • issues around data management, data quality and real-time data exchange.

Discussion with the hosts of the meeting (FIO/SOA) and the TPOS 2020 Western Pacific Task Team suggested three other topics should be included:

  • The western Pacific sampling strategy (for both sustained and experimental observations);
  • New technology;
  • Potential additions to the TPOS 2020 Backbone, particularly around BGC/ecosystems; and
  • The implementation of western Pacific Pilots and Process Studies, and the Low Latitude Western (Pacific) Boundary Current (LLWBC).

Desired Outcomes

  1. Clarity on the steps for implementation of the WP actions from the 1st Report
  2. Clarity on the next steps for the LLWBC Pilot (scope, purpose, likely activities, etc.)
  3. Improved understanding of the potential to support process studies


    Weidong Yu, FangLi Qiao, Yafeng Yang, Laoyu Li, Weiming Wang, Xinqiang Xu (FIO/NMEFC, SOA)
    Dake Chen, Jianping Xu, Zenghong Liu (SIO, SOA)
    Billy Kessler (NOAA)
    Neville Smith, Pete Strutton (Australia)
    Ken Ando, Akira Nagano, Masaki Katsumata, Sayaka Yasunaka (JAMSTEC)
    Janet Sprintall (Scripps)
    Andrea McCurdya, Guang Yang (TPOS 2020 DPO)
    Fan Wang, Dongliang Yuan, Hui Zhou, Xia Zhao, Shijian HU (IOCAS)
    Xiaopei Lin (OUC)
    Ju Chen (SCSIO, CAS)
    Hongzhou Xu (Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, CAS)
    Licheng Feng (NMEFC, SOA)
    Xiujun Sun, Min JIANG, Yi Shao, Bin WANG (National Ocean Technology Center, SOA)
    Shouhua Liu (National Marine Data and Information Service, SOA)
    Jose Santos, Jing Li, Lei Han (CLIVAR)

SOA Headquarter

  1. Zhi Chen, DDG, Department of Ocean Forecast and Disaster Mitigation, SOA
  2. Dongmei Tang, Director, Division of International Organization, Department of International Cooperation, SOA
  3. Xiangzhou Song, Project Officer, Department of Ocean Forecast and Disaster Mitigation, SOA