First Report of TPOS 2020

The First Report was released in December 2016. The Executive Summary will be released in 6 languages (download links below). The First Report contains initial recommendations for the Backbone and a synopsis of initial results and plans for the various initiatives of TPOS 2020.

The First Report was the subject of two review cycles: the first review cycle by experts focused on the scientific and technical aspects. The second review cycle was open, for stakeholder and general comment.

Executive Summary

The TPOS 2020 Project aims to produce three Reports. While the focus of the Reports will be on the TPOS Backbone, they will also cover all activities of TPOS 2020, including key initiatives (Pilot Studies, Process Studies), outstanding science questions, and an indicative timeline for the remaining work of the Project. The Reports will also provide an update on engagement and other activities of the TPOS 20202 Resources Forum, and the proposed TPOS 2020 Ad Hoc Transition and Implementation Group.

The proposed Report schedule is below:

  • First Report, published in 2016
  • Second Report, published in 2018
  • Final Design Report, at closure of the Project in 2020

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