Interim Report 2016

The TPOS 2020 Project will produce three Project Level Reports. While the focus and guidance of the Project Level Reports will be on the TPOS Backbone, they will also cover all activities of TPOS 2020, including key initiatives, outstanding science questions, and an indicative timeline for the remaining work of the Project. The reports will also provide an update on engagement and other activities of the Resource Forum.

The Project Level Reports are listed below:

  • Interim Report, published in 2016
  • Midterm Report, published in 2018
  • Final Design Report, at closure of the Project in 2020
  • The Interim and Midterm Reports will progressively guide stakeholders on recommended changes, with indications on the degree of confidence (certainty) of eventual implementation in TPOS. Within the context of these phased reports, the Backbone Task Team will be regarded as the focal point for the consolidation and prioritization of the synthesized ideas; with all Task Teams contributing content related to areas of innovation and change. The Interim Report will contain initial recommendations for the design of the Backbone but also a synopsis of initial results and plans for the various initiatives to be sponsored by TPOS 2020.

    The closure of the TPOS 2020 Project will be accompanied by a Final Design Report, including the benefits of the redesigned TPOS and its governance structure. As with the previous two Reports the TPOS 2020 Final Report will focus on the Backbone design in conjunction with the initiatives sponsored by all the Task Teams (or the SC). New ideas and tests, (approaches, technology, etc.) will be documented and provided as additional foundation and rationalization for changes. More importantly the reports will also provide points of governance and of engagement with the scientific community and users.

    The 2016 Interim Report DRAFT report will be available for community review and comment during the summer of 2016. A link to download the Report and a method for submitting comments will be provided here.

    If you would like more information on this Report and review cycle please send an email to: