Steering Committee Meeting 3 (Oct 2016)

The third meeting of the TPOS 2020 Scientific Steering Committee was held 25-28 October 2016 in Lima, Peru.

TPOS 2020 SC-3 Session Desired Outcomes

  1. First TPOS 2020 Report (DOWNLOAD HERE)
    • Considered reviews of SOD and agreed response
    • Revised and approved Executive Summary
    • Agreed next steps and publication
  2. Reviewed Task Team progress and relevant SC activities, including for TRF
  3. Considered and agreed Transition arrangements
  4. Considered national agency activities, with focus on the Eastern Pacific
  5. Agreed 2017-18 Actions



Session 1: Opening and Overview

ITEM 1. Opening and Welcome
ITEM 2. Agenda and Review of Actions
ITEM 3. Status

Session 2: First TPOS 2020 REPORT: SOD

ITEM 4. General Overview and Discussion of Report
ITEM 5. Consideration of Comments/Reviews

Session 3: Interim Report Recommendations and Actions: the Executive Summary

ITEM 6. Executive Summary Part 1

Session 4: Activity Updates

ITEM 7. National/Agency Presentations

Session 5: Task Team Activities

ITEM 8. Task Teams

Session 6: Finalization of the Executive Summary and advice to LAs

ITEM 9. Future Work of Report Lead Authors
ITEM 10. SC Business