Steering Committee Meeting 6 (Nov 2019)

Attendees of the 6th Steering Committee Meeting for TPOS 2020 in front of the Jinxi Hotel in Hangzhou, China.

TPOS 2020 held its Sixth Steering Committee Meeting (SC-6) in Hangzhou, China from 5-7 November 2019. A Technical Workshop was also held on 4 November 2019. China’s Second Institute of Oceanography graciously hosted SC-6 and the technical workshop.

Desired outcomes from the SC-6 Session were to:

  • Identify necessary activities and deliverables to successfully complete the Project phase of TPOS 2020;
  • Endorse an outline of the Final Report and identify chapter leads;
  • Discuss how to continue offering scientific advice into TPOS 2020 once the Project phase ends; and
  • Understand governance and implementation considerations from sponsoring agencies and Resource Forum members.

For more details about the meeting results, attendees and Technical Workshop, please download the SC-6 Meeting Report.