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Project Function

The TPOS 2020 Resource Forum will facilitate and coordinate the provision of resources by member institutions required to advance TPOS 2020 activities based on recommendations from, and in consultation with, the TPOS SC. It will promote and encourage contributions from institutions, Official Development Assistance agencies, participating and non-participating countries, and expand membership of the TRF as necessary; including the exploration of bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships. The TRF will coordinate resources that may be applied to the TPOS, including necessary observing research, technology development/testing, modelling, scientific analysis, infrastructure (e.g., ship resources and/or deployment of observing assets), along with Project Management and travel support.

Resource Forum Meetings

  • Resource Forum Meeting 2 (May 2017)
  • Resource Forum Meeting 1 Teleconference (Oct 2014)
  • Resource Forum Publications

  • July 2015: Resource Forum Meeting 1 Report
  • Mar. 2014: Terms of Reference (see below)
  • Resource Forum Details

    Terms of Reference

    The TPOS Resource Forum will:

    • Facilitate and coordinate the provision of resources by member institutions required to advance TPOS 2020 activities based on recommendations from, and in consultation with, the TPOS Steering Committee (TSC, figure 1).
    • Promote and encourage contributions from institutions in non-participating countries and expand membership of the TRF as necessary.
    • Facilitate and coordinate resources that may be applied to the system, including ship time for developing and maintaining the TPOS, necessary research, and deployment of TPOS observing platforms.
    • Explore the potential for international resources from Official Development Assistance (ODA) agencies to develop and sustain the TPOS.
    • Explore bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships (e.g., PANGEA Framework resource sharing) as a means to complement national resources.
    • Coordinate with the CLIVAR Pacific Panel, Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) Resources Forum (IRF), Pacific Islands GOOS, DBCP TAO Implementation Panel (TIP), PIRATA Resources Board and other relevant resourcing bodies.

    The TRF will meet initially to monitor and consider the rationale of the TPOS 2020 (January 27-30, 2014) Workshop Report and Recommendations; consider support of recommended activities from the TPOS Steering Committee; come to consensus on its Terms of Reference; decide how the TRF conducts its business; and assess current interests and contributions to TPOS 2020.

    It is expected that TPOS 2020 resources will support a range of relevant research activities that address the goals of TPOS 2020, including support for existing observing systems;development and testing of new observing technologies; evaluation of new observing strategies for relevant research and forecasting; and other topics.

    The outcome of the TRF will be to deliver a sustainable system beyond 2020 for satisfying the Scientific Requirements identified by the TPOS 2020 Steering Committee (TSC) and Task Teams (TT), as well as the Operational Requirements of Member National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS).