Time Series Contributions to the Climate Record in TPOS (SC-1)


  • OOPC/OceanSites is the over-arching mechanism for coordinating fixed-point time-series (majority in deep water).
  • TRITON/TAO (and PIRATA) are considered as a whole and there has been no differentiation of contributions from specific sites (to my knowledge).
  • OceanSites is mostly concerned with time-series that are proposed and supported in their own right; that is, a multivariate comprehensive time series is the primary objective.
  • Multi-disciplinary sites have been promoted since the outset.
  • In TPOS 2020, we are considering fixed-point measurements that are contributions within an integrated system, including the tropical moored buoy array system.

Time Series Contributions were taken on by the Backbone Task Team in 2015

Possible criteria/factors for assessing value

TPOS 2020 will consider a broad suite of requirements, covering many different time and space scales, and multiple uses and purposes. Here we wish to consider just one of those purposes, to maintain a fixed point time series of one or more physical and/or biophysical parameters.

This brief note aims to provide a framework for the evaluation of fixed-point time series to the tropical Pacific Climate Record (see footnote).

Something similar to the following were used to guide the initial OceanSites selection (in their case it was an include/exclude selection, but with a bias to the former):

  • Representativeness: Extent to which key aspects of different modes of spatial-temporal variability were and/or will be captured;
  • Continuity, homogeneity and length of the existing record;
  • Surface and depth coverage and quality and accuracy;
  • The suite of measurements that have been maintained, and their complementarity;
  • Resources and logistics for deployment and maintaining the site ship time, servicing, etc
  • Modes of data delivery (real-time, near-real-time and delayed-mode); Availability of adjacent (spatial) contextual data; and
  • The utility of sites as test-beds/prototypes for the development of observing technologies

Process for the TPOS 2020 SC

  • Refine and agree the criteria that will be used to evaluate the value of individual time series; perhaps 110W might be used as a test case
  • Seek feedback from OceanSites and OOPC on the proposed approach.
  • Form a small team, with a leader from the SC, to elaborate on the purpose and utility of time series within TPOS (the requirement statement) and to identify the highest ranking sites and perhaps any further locations that should be investigated.