Western Boundary Region Working Group (SC-1)

During the SC-1 meeting it was recognized that several large regional observing activities or finite lifetime process studies, already exist or are planned in the Western Pacific. The SC agreed to form a Drafting Group to gather information on existing and planned activities and, subject to the Steering Committee’s consideration of the Group’s assessment of the above, begin drafting of instructions for a Task Team or other mechanism to oversee development of a project in the Western Pacific.

Ken Ando agreed to lead the Drafting Group, with Dake Chen, Weidong Yu, Dongchull Jeon, Sophie Cravatte and Billy Kessler agreeing to assist. Several other regional experts were identified as potential contributors to the draft.

Based on the activity of this group, at the SC-2 meeting it was determined that a Western Pacific Task Team be created and its Terms of Reference drafted. The current Task Team Terms of Reference and Members are listed here.