Task Teams

The TPOS 2020 Task Teams are appointed by the Steering Committee (SC) with the challenge of organizing activities agreed to by the Workshop and subsequent SC meetings. Presently these include:

  • Evaluation of the backbone of the observing network, including broad-scale aspects of the TPOS
  • Elaboration of the scientific need and feasibility of observing the planetary boundary layers, including air-sea fluxes, near surface processes and diurnal variability
  • Evaluation of approaches to observation of the eastern and western boundary regions
  • Development of rationales, requirements and strategy for biogeochemical observations
  • Consideration of approaches to advancing modelling, data assimilation and synthesis so that observations can achieve their fullest impact
  • The challenges presented to the Project TTs will vary as the project proceeds through its life-cycle. It is expected that some of the TTs will disband and others will be formed.