TPOS April 2016 Monthly Status Report


This month on 21/22 April the TPOS 2020 Steering Committee convened its annual Interim meeting via WebEx for a 1.5 hour session. Given the recent distribution of the 1st Draft of the 2016 Interim Report on April 13, the meeting was focused on the timeline for review and comment leading to release in December 2016. (The complete timeline for 2016 is below under Highlights.)

During the first segment of the meeting Item 1: Interim Report, a presentation was given on the purpose, content, processes, and thrusts. Following an overview of the Report contents and highlights, the role of the SC was reviewed (please see the detailed discussion on pages 3-5).

During the Item 2: Activities and Considerations Leading to SC-3, it was emphasized that beyond the three Backbone options described in the Interim Report there are still process studies, pilot projects, and other considerations that will also be presented. It was noted that some of these will still need to be articulated and vetted by the SC. It was agreed that the SC will hold a session the first week of July to further discuss these ideas and plans. An update on stakeholder support and engagement was provided.

The next item, Item 3: Task Team Round Table a Co-Chair from each of the TTs provided an update on specific progress on the SC-2 Actions, their plans to address those that are yet to be completed, and other items in need of SC consideration at this time (please see notes from this discussion on page 6).

The final agenda item, Item 4: SC-3, focused on confirmation of the sponsor and venue for the SC-3 meeting. Ken Takahashi will arrange for the hosting of the meeting in Lima, Peru the week of 23-30 October, 2016. The focus of the sessions will be centered on the Interim Report and additional plans still in need of SC review and comment.


The milestones and deadlines for the review and comment on the 2016 Interim Report is below. Click here for more information.

  • First Draft sent to Expert Reviewers, April 13
  • Deadline for comment, May 20
  • Second Draft released, July 20
  • Deadline for comment, Sept 20
  • Focus of SC-3, week of Oct. 23-31
  • Released, December 2016