TPOS August 2015 Monthly Status Report (MSR)


Plans for the SC-2 meeting on 14-17 October are being finalized. The meeting will feature discussions focused on the work of the Task Teams, through a review and evaluation of their strawman plans. As needed, the SC will respond to their recommendations and determine a charge to each team for next steps. Similarly, the SC will review proposals for additional tasks or actions and agree to future activities and Teams.

There will also be a focus on the process of engaging scientists in the planning and execution of TPOS 2020. The SC will review and evaluate TPOS stakeholder opportunities and seek to strengthen and broaden their participation. Agreed to activities will be designed to enhance involvement and support of the TPOS through mechanisms which encourage and embrace contributions from multiple agencies and countries.

Session discussions will also review the progress of activities initiated at SC 1, with a view toward assessment of the Project as a whole. The SC will review the operation of the Project including engagement activities and agree on any needed changes. It will also undertake a self-assessment of overall progress within the Project and, as appropriate, agree to targets/measures of success for the Project in 2020.


Steering Committee:

  • Conduct SC-2 related details including invitations to Task Team co-Chairs, expert speakers and observers
  • Supported the development of the Eastern Pacific, Modelling and Data Assimilation TTs, and the Western Pacific Working Group

Backbone Task Team:

  • Plans for the Backbone TT face to face meeting hosted at IRD in Noumea were finalized.
  • Contributions supporting the meeting came from PACE-NET PLUS for expert participant travel and local costs, and from NOAA Climate Office Division and NASA for TT member and project management travel.

Planetary Boundary Layer Task Team:

  • Based on a template for 2 page strawman reports, members produced six reports that will be provided as a White Paper at the SC-2 meeting

Biogeochemistry Task Team:

  • The TT had four working groups document the science questions being addressed in preparation for the Backbone TT meeting in Noumea.

Eastern Pacific Task Team:

  • Co-Chairs Named: Yolande Serra, University of Washington & Ken Takahashi (SC Member), Instituto Geofísico del Perú
  • Conducted inaugural videoconference
  • Membership posted on the TPOS 2020 website (Groups & Outcomes / Task Teams / Eastern Pacific)

Western Pacific Working Group:

  • Led by Ken Ando
  • Neville Smith is drafting with the group an outline paper of work to date and proposed future activities