TPOS August 2016 Monthly Status Report


The FIRST REPORT OF TPOS 2020 is posted online for community comment.

Of particular note, the report contains 18 Recommendations and 13 Actions. These recommendations are supported by the science and societal rationale articulated in the report’s eight chapters. TPOS 2020 leadership encourages all that see this to please at a minimum review and comment on the eight-page Executive Summary, which contains the Report’s Recommendations and Actions.

A companion spreadsheet is provided online and is designed to facilitate individual, agency, or institutional comments. We request that this review and comment take place by 23 September 2016. This level of community input and feedback is vital to ensuring that TPOS design is fully reflective of the requirements and capability of sponsors and stakeholders.

With the Report out for review the Project leadership and meeting hosts turned their attention to planning for the third meeting of the Steering Committee hosted by Instituto Geofisico del Peru in Lima on 25 – 28 October. This four-day session will focus on the content of the First Report and ensuring that the Executive Summary is fully reflective of the Report’s key findings and stakeholder requirements. The SC will also be challenged to consider the Recommendations and Actions in light of their institutional and agency directives throughout the duration of the TPOS 2020 Project and beyond.


  • SC Co-Chair Billy Kessler conducted a series of briefs and informal discussions during a visit to NOAA’s Silver Spring and College Park offices. Among the groups briefed were NOAA’s National Weather Service-Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (NWS-OAR), NOAA Observing Systems Council (NOSC) and the leadership of the NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center (NDBC).
  • Backbone TT Co-Chair Sophie Cravatte gave a talk at the LEFE-IMAGO ITCZ workshop in Toulouse, France, titled “The TPOS2020 Project: which observations are needed in the Tropical Pacific Ocean for 2020?”