TPOS July 2015 Monthly Status Report


As we progress through the slow months of summer, the Project continues to take on momentum. The established groups and Task Teams maintain a steady-state of activity as they prepare for upcoming videoconferences and face-to-face meetings. At the same time, the areas of the Project not yet as active have begun to take on considerable traction. All of this activity gearing TPOS 2020 toward a highly engaging and success-driven Steering Committee meeting in mid-October.


Project Overall:

  • Project Slide Set Released and posted on the website (See: Gallery > Slides > TPOS 2020 Slide Set)

Steering Committee:

  • Draft Agenda for TPOS 2020 SC-2 has been reviewed and is under revision.

Resource Forum:

  • TRF-1 Report Released and posted.
  • TRF Membership and Primary Contacts documented and confirmed.

Backbone Task Team:

  • Preparations for the first Backbone TT face to face meeting (BBTT-1), are underway and being reviewed by Team and Project members.
  • Attendance gaps and needs for the face to face meeting in September have been identified:
    • It was determined that the modelling community may not be represented among the current attendee list.

Planetary Boundary Layer Task Team:

  • The Task Team strawmen being considered are listed below. Formal recommendations in the form of White Papers will be drafted prior to SC-2. Topics:
    • SPURS-2 Enhancements
    • YMC Enhancements o MJO/diurnal cycle process study
    • Pacific Upwelling and Mixing Physics
    • Diurnal Cycle Rectification and Interaction with Multiscale Variability
    • Double ITCZ

Eastern Pacific Task Team:

  • Terms of Reference were approved and posted to the website (see Groups and Outcomes)
  • Membership invited and confirmed (see Groups and Outcomes)
  • First teleconference scheduled in August