TPOS July 2016 Monthly Status Report


This month every group in the TPOS 2020 Project continued to be highly engaged in the drafting and review of the TPOS 2020 2016 Interim Report. The report is now posted on the TPOS 2020 website for broad community comment.

The report has now been named the FIRST REPORT OF TPOS 2020 and has been posted on the TPOS 2020 website.

Of particular note the report contains 18 Recommendations and 13 Actions. These recommendations are supported by the science and societal rationale articulated in the report’s eight chapters.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter One: Introduction
  • Chapter Two: Background
  • Chapter Three: Needs for the TPOS Backbone
  • Chapter Four: Design Principles
  • Chapter Five: Integrating Satellite and In Situ Observations: Recommendations for the Backbone
  • Chapter Six: Evolution of the Observing System
  • Chapter Seven: Implementation and Transition
  • Chapter Eight: Summary

We encourage you to visit the website and review the report. A companion spreadsheet is provided designed to facilitate individual, agency, or institutional comments. We request that this review and comment take place by 23 September 2016.

A Very Special Thank you:

Upon review of the report it will quickly become obvious that a tremendous amount of very hard work was put into the review and drafting of this highly comprehensive and in-depth report. Colleagues from across the scientific community along with members of the TPOS 2020 project are to be commended for their dedication and contribution to this endeavor.

Coordinating Lead Authors

Sophie Cravatte (LEGOS, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Université de Toulouse, CNES, CNRS, UPS, France)
Billy Kessler (NOAA, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA, United States)
Neville Smith (Ocean Scientist, GODAE Ocean Services, Australia)
Susan Wijffels (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Contributing Authors

Ken Ando, Meghan Cronin, Tom Farrar, Eric Guilyardi, Arun Kumar, Tong Lee, Dean Roemmich, Yolande Serra, Janet Sprintall, Pete Strutton, Adrienne Sutton, Ken Takahashi, Andrew Wittenberg.

The Project would also like to extend its sincere thanks to 38 reviewers that provided valuable input to the first draft of this report.

PLEASE NOTE: A complete list of authors and their affiliations, and additional contributors is on page 2 of the report.