TPOS March 2016 Monthly Status Report


Steering Committee members Weidong Yu, Kentaro Ando, Yukio Masumoto, and Dongchull Jeon attended the workshop on Scientific Cooperation among China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) which was successfully convened in Qingdao, China. The participants agreed that China, Japan, and the ROK should encourage the development of marine cooperation initiatives among the three neighboring countries. Several partnerships were identified, two of which will be under consideration by TPOS 2020. One of these is to collect and share cruise information in the Western Pacific. Dr. Yang at the DPO in Qingdao will lead this effort.

The DPO released a revised website. The site has been redesigned to allow visitors to more easily track Task Team activities, and to follow the progress of the Project Level Reports. During the upcoming review cycle of the first in the series, the 2016 Interim Report, visitors will be able to download the material and be provided with opportunities to easily provide comments.

The highlight section of this MSR is incomplete without acknowledging the Herculean efforts of the Lead Authors (Backbone TT Co-Chairs Wijffels and Cravatte) and the seventeen Contributing Authors of the Zero Order Draft version of the 2016 Interim Report. You will see throughout this report that Task Team Co-Chairs and Members were focused on either contributing to the report or working closely with colleagues to generate content for inclusion. (It should be noted the First Draft of the Interim Report was sent to a select list of Expert Reviewers on April 13. A more comprehensive schedule of the Interim Report review cycle, including a community comment period, will be published in the April MSR and posted on the website.)


Steering Committee:

  • Katy Hill presented a TPOS 2020 Poster at the GCOS meeting: “Global Climate Observation: The Road to the Future” convened on 2-4 March 2016, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Distributed Project Office:

  • Ana Lara-Lopez provided ongoing support of the author contribution coordination, versioning, and formatting of the Zero Order Draft of the 2016 Interim Report.
  • All DPO members provided insight and review of the website redesign.