TPOS February 2016 Monthly Status Report


This month the Project is very pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Guang Yang as an Associate Project Manager. Dr. Yang is sponsored by FIO and hosted by the International CLIVAR office. The new DPO node is located in Qingdao, China. Welcome Dr. Yang!
Beyond this important addition, the project was highly focused on the ongoing drafting of the ‘zero-order’ draft of the Interim Report. Several meetings were conducted in support of this important endeavor. The report will primarily contain the initial consideration of options for the Backbone design and an initial overview of early Task Team activities.


Steering Committee

  • At the Ocean Sciences meeting in New Orleans, USA, Feb. 22-26, TPOS 2020 was featured during a Session on sustained observing systems and a Town Hall focused on implementation strategies.
  • Several SC members supported and attended the China-Japan-Korea workshop sponsored by SOA and hosted by FIO in Qingdao on Feb. 29 -March 1, 2016.

Backbone Task Team

  • The TT conducted two meetings focused on the Interim Report. A WebEx session was held on February 4th and a face-to-face meeting of members in attendance at the Ocean Sciences meeting in New Orleans was held on February 24th.
  • A revised version of the draft report is under author review and is being prepared for further review by SC members and expert reviewers.

Western Pacific Task Team

Distributed Project Office

The SC Co-Chairs are coordinating Poster Cluster focused on TPOS at the upcoming CLIVAR open science conference on 19-25 September 2016.
Deadline for abstracts is Mar 25, 2016. (Please contact the Co-Chairs for more information.)

Download Full Report Here