TPOS May 2015 Monthly Status Report (MSR)


This month TPOS 2020 entered a new phase as several of the Task Teams are now well through the process of establishing their memberships and have begun to conduct and schedule meetings. Their initial focus is on determining near-term support needs for in-person meetings and the generation of ‘strawman’ proposals designed to focus resource generating activities and early needs for cross-project collaboration. The Distributed Project Office members were kept busy supporting these early efforts and evaluating communication and document sharing requirements.

This month also saw the early engagement of the Resources Forum (TRF) as Chairman Craig McLean released two letters to TRF-1 participants. The second of these letters constituted a ‘call to action’ requesting that members confirm their desire to participate, and sought information required to maximize the opportunity to meet and engage during the remainder of the calendar year.


Steering Committee/Co-chairs:

  • Provided briefs to key community members including the Global Ocean Observing Strategy SC-4 being conducted at the Australian Institute for Marine Science in Townsville, Australia

Resource Forum:

  • A letter of thanks was sent to TRF-1 participants requesting they review the TRF-1 Report that has now been completed for release
  • A call to action letter was also sent from Chair Craig McLean requesting formal membership nominations and self-nomination for a TRF co-Chair

Backbone Task Team:

  • The inaugural video conference was conducted and plans for an in-person session have been confirmed for September, 2015 along with the drafting of initial strawman plans to help guide planning and resource identification

Planetary Boundary Layer Task Team:

  • The inaugural video conference was conducted, along with the identification topics for initial strawman plans to help guide planning and resource identification

Biogeochemistry Task Team:

  • This TT has confirmed all but a few of its members. Discussions for a technology development project are in process.