TPOS May 2016 Monthly Status Report


This month every group in the TPOS 2020 Project was engaged in work to ensure that the 2016 Interim Report will be of maximum benefit to the community. Much of this work was focused on consideration and response to expert reviewer comments.

It is important to take a moment and acknowledge the work of the Associate Project Managers located at the TPOS 2020 Distributed Project Office nodes. Without the support of the sponsors, which make this resource available the Report process would be greatly diminished. It is through the work of Lucia, Ana, and Guang that the Project members and Lead Authors have been able to maintain a focus on the scientific contribution of their time and expertise while the logistics of how content is managed remains relatively transparent.

This month Lucia Upchurch collected comments from the expert reviewers, the SC and TT members. These comments are currently being adjudicated and as appropriate will be reflected in the 2nd Draft of the Report to be released in late July. (This version of the 2016 Interim Report will be posted on the website and available for broad community review and comment.)

Another major outcome this month centers on newly developed plans to conduct a Resource Forum ‘round-table’ session in Qingdao, China in conjunction with the CLIVAR Open Science Meeting on 18-25 September 2016. The session is being geared toward TRF members, and their program and project managers. The content of the 2016 Interim Report will be briefed. Participant questions and comments will be sought in an effort to fully engage this important stakeholder community.


  • 2016 Interim Report 1st Draft comments and content was provided by a team of expert reviewers
  • A TPOS 2020 Resource Forum ‘round-table’ session has been scheduled for sometime between 18-25 September 2016 in Qingdao, China
  • The SC and each TT conducted a teleconference on how to best generate comments for the IR and to coordinate additional content for the report