TPOS November 2015 Monthly Status Report (MSR)


Building on the momentum gathered at the SC-2 meeting in Hobart, the SC and TT Co-Chairs began the critical work of responding to immediate Actions agreed to at the SC-2 meeting and in the subsequent Report. Activities this month also focused on initial preparations for the content of the 2016 Interim Report. The draft timeline for next year’s Interim Report activities are provided below:

1. Selection of Coordinating Lead Authors [done] and Lead Authors
2. Preparation of 1st draft Interim Report outline
3. Agree to a Review Process:

  • First Review (by experts; March 2016).
  • Preparation of revised/2nd draft
  • Second Review (by stakeholders and experts; June-July 2016).

4. Preparation of final draft Report

5. Acceptance of Report at the 3rd Session of the TPOS 2020 Steering Committee
Ongoing activities related to the Interim Report will be provided in this summary, and tracked within the “Cross-Project Dependencies and Opportunities” section of this document.


Steering Committee: Backbone Task Team:

  • Released the TPOS 2020 SC-2 Report (distributed via email and posted on the TPOS 2020 website)
  • Supported TT membership formation among the Western Pacific and Modelling and Data Assimilation TTs
  • Worked with the Backbone TT on an initial outline of the Interim Report and lead author contributions

Backbone Task Team:

  • Review of draft paragraphs with rationale for strawman designs of the TPOS backbone

Biogeochemistry Task Team:

  • The team has under consideration the possibility of conducting a questionnaire designed to gather input
    from the broader community on BGC issues in the tropical Pacific.

Modelling and Data Assimilation Task Team:

  • The TT Co-Chairs have agreed to membership and are preparing for an initial telecon in January 2016.