TPOS September 2015 Monthly Status Report (MSR)


This month saw the first face-to-face meeting of a Task Team. The Backbone Task Team was hosted by IRD in Noumea, New Caledonia on September 16-18. The project was highly successful in positioning the team for a highly effective Steering Committee meeting in October.

The bulk of project activities were focused on steady planning for SC-2 Meeting in Hobart, Tasmania hosted by CSIRO with support from IMOS, and IMAS. The SC, each TT, and working group are preparing summary reports and recommendations for SC consideration during the sessions. Additional sessions are focused on TPOS contributions and related activities. The Project structure, operation, and metrics will also be reviewed and discussed.


Steering Committee:

  • Draft Agenda for TPOS 2020 SC-2 has been reviewed and is under revision.

Backbone Task Team:

  • First Backbone task team meeting held, with generous support by Pacific-Europe Network for Science, Technology and Innovation (PACE-NET Plus) and hosted by SC member Sophie Cravatte and the Institut de Recherche pour le developpement (IRD).
  • In person attendees included co-chairs Sophie Cravatte & Susan Wijffels, Billy Kessler, Tony Lee, Lisan Yu, Dean Roemmich, Janet Sprintall, Pete Strutton, Tommy Moore, Shayne McGregor, Christophe Menkes, Jerome Aucan.
  • Ken Ando, Alex Ganachaud, Neville Smith, Matt Wheeler, and other TT co-chairs joined remotely.
  • The BB TT received feedback from other task teams to begin preparing their Strawman to put together a short report in advance of the SC-2.

Planetary Boundary Layer Task Team:

  • Feedback to the Planetary Boundary Layer Questionnaire was consolidated into single documents of responses per question
  • A presentation outlining typical, popular, or notable responses was shared with the BB TT during the BB TT meeting via teleconference.

Eastern Pacific Task Team:

  • Strawman for EP observations was drafted following the first teleconference.

Biogeochemistry Task Team:

  • BGC co-chair Pete Sutton presented current BGC data used from TPOS observations and some preliminary recommendations for sustained observations at the BB TT meeting.

Modelling and Data Assimilation:

  • Co-chair identified- Eric Guilyardi from the University of Reading.

Western Pacific Working Group:

  • A Consultative Draft report has been created and is under review and revision.