TPOS2020 December 2016 Monthly Status Report

Posting of TPOS 2020 First Report and Executive Summary Translations

After nearly a year of writing, multiple review cycles, and numerous hours of collaboration, The First Report of the TPOS 2020 project was published on 30 December 2016. This release marks a major milestone for TPOS 2020. The Executive Summary and the full First Report (Version 2 with an updated Figure 3.2) can be downloaded from the website. The Executive Summary has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, (the French translation to be available shortly). These translations can be downloaded at Both TPOS 2020 Project members and the broader TPOS community are grateful to all who contributed to this Report. The Report contains a full list of authors, contributors and reviewers, as well as acknowledgments.

TPOS 2020 Resource Forum Second Meeting (TRF-2) Scheduled

In order to take maximum advantage of the 22 Recommendations and 17 Actions articulated in the First Report, and to facilitate the evolution of TPOS 2020 into the next phase of transition and implementation, the timing for a meeting of the TPOS 2020 Resource Forum (TRF) was deemed in order. The TRF-2 will be convened by Chairman, Craig Mclean, Assistant Administrator of the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, within NOAA. The meeting is scheduled to occur on 16-17 May 2017. The meeting will take place at the Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii USA.

TRF-2 outcomes will include agreement on a response to the Recommendations put forth in the TPOS 2020 First Report, and the Roadmap for Transition and Implementation to be generated by the SC under the leadership of its Co-chairs, along with the endorsement of a Transition and Implementation Group (T&IG) and a future governance structure. The meeting will also seek to create a shared understanding of TRF member national interests and planning horizons, as well as the Terms of Reference and membership of the SC.

Formation of a Transition and Implementation Group (T&IG)

This ad hoc group met for the second time to discuss TPOS 2020 status and begin consideration of next steps. The meeting informed the participants of the Project status and the TT projects discussed in the First Report. The Roadmap being prepared in advance of the TRF-2 meeting is being considered as a guiding document for the T&IG. It was further discussed that initially this group will function within TPOS 2020 but may ultimately be a part of an intergovernmental framework. During this exploratory call the participants were also asked to consider the group’s scope and purpose, Terms of Reference content and context, as well as potential membership and a timeline.

Task Teams

The Biogeochemistry Task Team Co-chairs Peter Strutton and Adrienne Sutton, were co-conveners of a special session at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Dec, 2016 titled ‘Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems of Tropical Pacific and Upwelling Systems’. The session included both talks and posters and several presentations with an emphasis on observing system design.

Modeling and Data Assimilation Task Team Co-chair Eric Guilyardi was one of 7 invited speakers at the AGU, ENSO Union session. The session solicited input from multidisciplinary physical, biological, and social scientists to advance the understanding, forecasting capability, and decision-making related to climate extreme events.