TPOS2020 January 2017 Monthly Status Report

The Project had another quiet month among the Task Teams and its members allowing for scheduling and time commitments to rebound from the efforts put into the release of the TPOS 2020 First Report. However, this month did mark progress in the establishment of a relationship between TPOS 2020 and the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) Coordination Group, and the JCOMM Management Committee (JCOMM MAN). Beyond this engagement, plans for the TRF-2 meeting also took on significant momentum as TPOS 2020 stakeholders and sponsors continued their plans for- and participation in the sessions to be conducted in Honolulu during May 2017.

WIGOS Coordination Group

Neville Smith and Katy Hill joined the WIGOS Inter-sessional Coordination Group meeting in Geneva. The primary focus during the discussion was to facilitate improved engagement with national meteorological services across the tropical Pacific regions. During the session participants were asked to assess the degree to which TPOS 2020 can be highlighted as a useful pilot for WIGOS during its current phase of evolution. Cross-Regional Association projects were discussed along with the importance of raising the visibility of the Executive Council given its role in sponsoring these types of efforts.


Neville and Katy also attended the JCOMM MAN sessions in Geneva. The proposition of having the newly formed TPOS 2020 Transition and Implementation Group sponsored by JCOMM was agreed to. JCOMM MAN members will support the creation of a crosscutting TPOS 2020 Transition and Implementation (T&I) Task Team. The group was also asked to review and consider proposed T&I TT Terms of Reference, and associated reference and governance arrangements.

The draft T&I TT ToR will now require JCOMM MAN Co-chair sign-off. The proposed TPOS 2020/JCOMM T&I Task Team will act as an open-ended group, which exists and operates as a sub-project of the TPOS 2020 Project, supported by the Distributed Project Office of TPOS 2020 with JCOMM MAN as the primary external sponsor. The Task Team will provide advice and recommendations on implementation, and transition arrangements for governance to its sponsors and partners. Initially the TPOS 2020 SC will be a key partner but, over time, as action and responsibility becomes focused in intergovernmental and other standing processes, this role will diminish and sponsors like JCOMM (and its Observations Coordination Group) will take greater responsibility.

Additional consideration was given on how TPOS 2020 and its Task Teams might address data management needs, to take a role in ENSO forecasting, and enhanced satellite agency engagement.

TPOS 2020 Resource Forum Second Meeting (TRF-2)

Plans for the TRF-2 meeting which is scheduled to occur on 16-17 May 2017 at the Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii USA continued in earnest this month. Under the leadership of by Chairman, Craig Mclean, Assistant Administrator of the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, within NOAA, a team of experts are highly engaged in the formation of a meeting agenda and supporting materials designed to ensure a robust exchange of TPOS related goals and activities, and guidance for TPOS 2020 fostering its continued evolution.

TPOS 2020 Project leadership is also highly engaged in laying the groundwork for Project-wide activities that will highlight the role of the TPOS 2020 First Report and lead discussions focused on the implementation of the Recommendations and Actions articulated and supported within the content of the Report.